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Religious Communities Established in the Diocese of St. Paul



I. The Most Reverend Maurice Baudoux, D.D.,         -consecrated Oct. 28, 1948;      -transferred to the Archdiocese of St. Boniface, March 12, 1952;
-died July 1, 1988.

II. The Most Reverend Philippe Lussier, C.Ss.R.,
-consecrated Aug. 17, 1952;
-resigned Aug. 26, 1968,
-died Oct. 9, 1986.

III. His Eminence Cardinal Edouard Gagnon, PSS,
-ordained Aug. 15, 1940;
-appointed Bishop of St. Paul Feb. 19, 1969;
-consecrated March 25, 1969;
-left St. Paul May 9, 1972.
-elevated to the College of Cardinals May 25, 1985,
-died Aug.25, 2007.

IV. The Most Reverend Raymond Roy,
-ordained May 31, 1947;
-appointed Bishop of St. Paul, May 3, 1972;
-consecrated July 18, 1972;
-installed in St. Paul, July 27, 1972;
-retired June 30, 1997,
-died June 25, 2003.

V. His Eminence Cardinal Thomas Collins, M.A., S.S.L., S.T.D., D.D.
-Ordained May 5, 1973;
-appointed Coadjutor Bishop of St. Paul on March 25, 1997,
-consecrated May 14, 1997;
-installed as Bishop of St. Paul, June 30, 1997;
-appointed Coadjutor Archbishop of Edmonton February 18, 1999;
-installed as Archbishop of Edmonton June 7, 1999;
-installed as Archbishop of Toronto on January 30, 2007;
-elevated to College of Cardinals on February 18, 2012,
-retired on February 11, 2023.

VI. The Most Reverend Luc Bouchard, D.D.
-Ordained September 4, 1976;
-consecrated as Bishop of St. Paul, November 9, 2001;
-installed as Bishop of Trois-Rivières on March 26, 2012
-retired January 25, 2021

VII. The Most Reverend Paul Terrio, B.A., L.Th., Cert.Ed., Ph.L.,
-ordained May 23, 1970;
-consecrated as Bishop of St. Paul on December 12, 2012,
-retired on September 15, 2022.

Religious Communities Established in the Diocese of St. Paul 

Women Religious Congregations that have been present in the Diocese of St. Paul


Grey Nuns (Sisters of Charity of Montreal)                                        1862 - August

  1957 - September St. Thérèse Hospital 


Sisters of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin 1899


Filles de Jésus                                                                                 1904 - January


Sisters of Service                                                                            1925 - November


Sisters of Charity of the Immaculate Conception                          1926 - September


Franciscan of the Atonement                                                          1926 - October


Sisters of St. Joseph London                                                          1933


Holy Cross Sisters                                                                          1938 - August


Sisters of St. Joseph of Pembrook                                                  1947 - January


Sisters of Providence of Kingston                                                  1947 - July


Sisters of the Precious Blood                                                            1952 - July


Soeurs Dominicaines Missionnaires Adoratrices                          1955 - September


Sisters of Martha                                                                            1981


Felicians Sisters                                                                              2006


Daughters of Mary Mother of Mercy                                             2008


Men Religious Congregations that have been present in the Diocese of St. Paul


Oblates Mary Immaculate                                                        1897 in the province

    1950 in the Diocese


Women Religious Congregations present in the Diocese of St. Paul


Sister of Notre Dame d’Évron                                                        1915 reopened 1957


Sisters of Charity of Halifax                                                          1927 - June


Sisters of Holy Cross                                                                      1938 - August


Missionary Oblates of the Sacred Heart and Immaculate Mary    1958


Sisters of the Holy Name of Jesus                                                  1979


Missionaries of Charity (Sisters of Mother Teresa)                   1986 - September


Sisters of St Michael the Archangel                                               2008


Poor Clares (Orders of Saint Clare)                                           2021 - March



Men Religious Communities present in the Diocese of St. Paul


SMMM (Sons of Mary Mother of Mercy)                                     2003


IMS (Indian Mission Society)                                                          2007


CMI (Carmelite of Mary Immaculate)                                          

-CMI Carmel Monastery:                                                               2021 Present and Established