Saint Jean-de-Brebeuf

Box 119, Mallaig, Alberta  T0A-2K0



Fr. Jhack Diaz

Mass Times: 

Sunday: 10:30 a.m.

Monday:  No Mass

Tuesday: 8:30 a.m.
2nd Tuesday/month:  10:30 a.m. at the Vilna Lodge

Wednesday: 8:30 a.m.

Thursday: 8:30 a.m.

Friday: 8:30 a.m.  

Saturday:  8:30 a.m.


St. Lina:  St. Helen
Sunday: 9:00 a.m.

Kehewin:  Our Lady of Mercy
2nd Sunday/month:  2:00 p.m.

St. Vincent:  St. Vincent

Designated Catholic School

(Public School Board)

École Mallaig Community School 


St. Jean de Brebeuf Parish

Mallaig Alberta


1939- Father Chalifoux suggested St. Jean de Brebeuf as the name of the parish. Construction was completed by late 1940. The first mass celebrated in the new church mass was the wedding mass of Mr and Mrs Paul Amyotte.

1941-1950 - Fr. Alcidas Ricard was appointed as the resident priest. The first baptism recorded was of Jean Paul Jodoin on November 2, 1941. Msgr. JH MacDonald blessed the new parish church on June 17, 1945.

1950-1957- Fr. Georges Henri Primeau took over as Mallaig’s new pastor. He was an active, energetic man who get everyone involved in community activities. The parish had the honor of hosting its first ordination to the priesthood of Fr. Louis Viel on June 5, 1951.

1958-1967- Fr Henri Boisvert took over the parish on September 3, 1958. The parish celebrated its 25th anniversary in 1966. The Knights of Columbus formed their own council “The Mallaig Council”

1967- 1968- Fr. Emile Champagne was the next parish priest.

1968-1972- Father Tanguay was kept very busy taking care of 3 parishes. It is during his short time at St. Lina that the rectory was sold to Omer and Marie Ann Quellette, and later to Camille and Alice Lozeau, then to Michael and Doris Vallee.

1972-1977- Father Rosario Simard was known for his love of music and wherever he went his accordion went with him. He was often to be found visiting homes for the residents of Sunnyside Manor and the nursing home in St. Paul helping to entertain the residents. He did this without neglecting any of his 3 parishes. In Mallaig, soon after Father Simard arrived, construction of a new hall began. It was joined to the curling rink by a common kitchen.

1977-1978- Fr. Bissonnette served the paishes for only one year as he was appointed by Bishop Roy as the new Rector of the St. Paul Cathedral. Father Bissonnette was known for his organization of the Knights of the Altar.

1978-1983- Father Henri Bois will always be remembered by the parishioners as a caring priest; as someone with great love and concern for the underprivileged of this world. He helped quite a few Vietnamese people through sponsorship programs. He will be remembered as HAM radio operator. In 1979, Mallaig saw departure of the Sisters of the Assumption.

1983-1989 – Father Real Levasseur was a devoted priest, very punctual, very neat and very particular. He gave a new look to the exterior of the St. Lina church and organized the 75th anniversary of St. Helene parish. In 1983, a new rectory was built in Mallaig and in 1987, a new church was  built next to the rectory. It is with regret and many good memories that on April 24, 1989 Father Levasseur leaves our parishes for Morinville.

1989-1990-  The parishes were served by Father Jean-Luc Pigeon from the St. Paul Cathedral

1990-1992- Father Herve Tanguay was back with us for two years.

1992-1994- Father Jean –Luc Pigeon returned. It was during this time that the shingles were changed on the St. Helene church.

1994-1998- Father Roger Sicotte was our pastor. He is remembered for delaying mass until the hockey game was so everyone could attend.

1998-2002- Father Martin Badiola resurrected the parish council in St. Lina which had not been active for a while.

2002-2004- Father Richard Hanaszewski, of spoken man was with us for only two years.

2004-2005- Father Peter Tran encouraged us to go to sessions to St. Edouard to learn our own services if we ever had no priest. He also bought the catechisms we have in our church pews and he always tried to come early enough to have time to sy the Rosary before the mass.

2005-(May-November) Father Sabinus Iwu was our priest. We will always remember how he walked down the aisle asking questions during his homily and how nervous we were about giving answer he wanted from us.

2006-2010- Father Casmir Moubike came early to church on Sunday mornings to recite the Rosary before mass. In 2010, St. Jean de Brebeuf sold the Parish Hall to the Mallaig Recreation Board.

2010-2015 Father Dario Abram was our priest. In 2011, the inside of the Mallaig church was repainted. In August Father Dario retired and moved to St. Paul. He passed away a short after he retired and is buried in the Mallaig cemetery.

2015-2018- Father Aureus Manjares became our priest. Our rectory was repainted for his arrival. Assisting the school’s basketball coaches, our young parishioners benefit Father Aureus’ love of sports. He organized St. Jean de Brebeuf’s 75th anniversary. He is devoted to our parish.  The church and new altar were dedicated on October 29, 2017.

2018-present- Father Jhack Diaz was instrumental of the unity between the Roman Catholics and Baptist.