St. Paul Diocesan Caritas


Connor Jackson - Westlock

Committee Members:

Bishop Paul Terrio
Lise Katerynych - Mallaig - Secretary
Theresa Traynor - Athabasca
Trish Fisher - Athabasca
Yvonne Fluet - Barrhead Pamela Guilbault - Bonnyville
Germaine Prybysh - Bonnyville
Betsy Fletcher - Cold Lake
Ken Harris - Elizabeth Settlement
Philomena Chan - Fort McMurray, St. Paul Parish
Lourdes Tolentino - Fort McMurray, St. John the Baptist
Marlon Biollo - Lac la Biche
Ernest Chauvet - Legal
Rev. Lester Evangelista - Legal
Rev. Jayson Durante - Ft. McMurray, St. John the Baptist
Rev. Jestoni Porras - Plamondon
Mary Trach - St. Paul Cathedral
Deacon Stan Kroetsch - Thorhild
Veronica Hutyra - Whitecourt

Mary's Table - introduction Dec 24, 2021.pdf
reflection Jan 1, 2022 by Deacon Raymond.pdf

Donations 2021 -- $18,000.00

Thank you to all of you who donated to the St. Paul Diocesan Caritas Lent Program on March 21. For those of you who will have the March 21 special envelope sitting at home, or who want to continue to donate, you can still drop your donation for St. Paul Diocesan Caritas in the donation basket. Thank you so much for your generosity in helping our brothers and sisters in need.

Don't hesitate to contact your St. Paul Diocesan Caritas parish representative if you have any questions.